My Dear Fellows,

Asalam O Alaikum

Our mission is to provide quality education to children who do not have such facilities available to them, those who belong to low income areas and families.

The only way to lead our nation into the 21st century is through human resource development.
Tameer-e-Millat Foundation strongly feels that in order to play a positive role as an NGO,we must aim to build the academic proficiency with vision, values and will to act as an instrument of human resource development and change of the highest order of the individual Committed to the cause of education Tameer -e- Millat Foundation manages 402 schools with 23000 students, These schools have been established in areas of Pakistan from Gilgit in North, to Karachi (Sindh) in the South.

Our Sindh Region...

Sindh regional office was set up in 2001. It has so far established 4 primary and 3 secondary schools in Karachi,1 secondary school in Sobho Dero (Khairpur).

Tameer-e-Millat Foundation Sindh Region plans to open more schools in Large and Small Towns of Sindh. We also have a plan to set up a large residential school of excellence for talented children from all over Sindh based on merit.

Your help and participation in this endeavour will help us realize the dreams of education in Sindh. This is the revolution we want to bring about in Sindh and we request you to join us and become not only a part of it but lead it with your full participation.

Manzoor Hussain
Regional Director, (Sindh)

Manzoor Hussain

Regional Director, (Sindh)
Tameer-e-Millat Foundation).

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Make a Donation In Pakistan.You can make cheques/Drafts in favour of Tameer-e-Millat Foundation, and mail to 6th Floor,Tibet Centre M.A.Jinnah Road Karachi-74400.